Théâtre des Deux-Rives, Renovation and Expansion

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Renovation and expansion of a vibrant local theatre. Construction of a new stage with 35 parallel grids and 5 electrified and motorized grids. The theatre has 5 suites for artists with a room reserved for artists and their teams. Addition of a new entrance and a new lobby the height of two floors. The hall was renovated to hold 824 seats, including the balcony which overhangs up to half of the ground floor seating area. The wood paneling of the theatre is a special wood baked to improve appearance and acoustics. An elevator was added. The exterior siding is made of self-patinating steel (Corten) for better resistance to corrosion.

Société pour la promotion d’événements culturels du Haut-Richelieu (SPEC)

St Jean sur Richelieu

General contractor