The project consisted of the rehabilitation of contaminated soils and the construction of the indoor pool of the Jean-Claude-Malépart Center including the construction of an extension to house two swimming pools (swimming pool and paddling pool), auxiliary areas (cloakrooms, depots, reception) and two rooms on the first floor as well as the connection of public services and the civil engineering and landscaping work.

The project presented several challenges successfully overcome by TEQ. The presence of the Frontenac subway station under the street and of its exit in front of the construction site necessitated the installation of the seismographic measuring devices and the movement and vibration indicators inside the station for the duration of the work to ensure the safety of the facilities, staff and subway users, especially when planting piles above the underground premises. Excavation and disposal of contaminated soils took place in a very small area, requiring exemplary activity planning and tree protection around the construction site. In order to seal the pool, a membrane was installed under the ceramic, requiring the use of several layers and carrying out numerous tests. Since this work was carried out in the middle of the winter, the permanent control of the temperature and the humidity rate played an important role in the quality assurance of the finished product. Particular attention was paid to the acoustic insulation of the pool and its equipment in order to avoid any noise nuisance from these installations. The successful integration of water into the existing architecture allowed this project to win the Prix Interiors / FERDIE 2010 in the category “Training center”. It also appeared on the cover of Canadian Architect magazine in August 2011.

City of Montreal


General Contractor