Winner of an architectural competition organized by the City of Montreal, the Indoor Soccer Center of the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex (CESM) is characterized by its long-span flat and horizontal wooden roof structure (70 meters without column) with crossed and quasi-random frames. The glass envelope on the three facades of the building creates a climate barrier while promoting abundant natural lighting. The building is certified LEED Gold, a rarity in Quebec for a sports facility.

This sports complex includes an indoor synthetic field with over 750 seats. The building has 3 levels and includes locker rooms, training and physiotherapy rooms, a food court and an event hall. The last level is dedicated to the mechanical room. Outside, there is a floodlit soccer field with 600 seats. To accommodate players and spectators, more than 170 parking spaces, bike racks and access to public transit have been developed. It is worth mentioning that the complex was used as a training ground for professional teams participating in the Women’s Soccer World Cup held in Montreal from June 6 to July 5, 2015.

City of Montreal


General Contractor