2-22 Ste-Catherine East

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Destined as a cultural building, with 41,000 sq. ft of surface area, it is located at the
crossroads of St. Catherine and St. Laurent. The functional architecture is designated to serve the occupants of the cultural environment as well as those who are lovers of culture.  The building will house CIBL radio, the Vitrine, the Imago project, a bar and a restaurant. The building is distinguished by a glass curtain wall composed of a mixture of glass and ceramic. Its entrance is made of two glass doors separated by a stele. Its open space between the ground floor and the mezzanine allows for public events, exhibition halls and the transmission of regular or special radio shows by CIBL.  This five storey building will have the upper levels as office space.  This project aims for LEED certification.

Société en Commandite 2-22

22, Ste-Catherine Est, Montréal

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